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How To Promote Your Travel Agency Online

If you are a premier Travel Agent and you book groups of people and/or people who are spending at least $8,000 on their trip, and you're serious about your business, then you are invited to be part of our premier travel agent directory at This directory is being marketed to educated, successful people via Read More

3 Ways to Book More Travel Without Overworking Yourself

My 15-year old niece, Kendall, is flying in tonight from Minnesota. Tomorrow we’re driving to D.C. to do the Women’s March on Washington, and we’re attending a Women Presidents’ Dinner, hosted by Susan Hyatt, on what it means to be a female president (of a company) in 2017 and how we can use our resources Read More

Your Travel Business Will Be More Profitable With This 1 Lesson

Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech was more than just a speech - it was an iconic, transformational moment in human history.  It was a speech that’s now permanently embedded in our hearts and minds. And, here’s something you might not know: Dr. King didn’t write that speech all by himself. He had help Read More

When and How to Raise Your Planning Fees

how to charge a planning fee

One of the biggest — and most damaging — myths for travel agents is something I hear all the time: “I’d charge planning fees (or higher planning fees), but there just isn’t a market for it.” Some agents point to the economy. Or the fact that tons of agents already do what they do. Or Read More

A Beautiful Way to End Your Year

goals for travel agents

We are closing out 2016 this week.  As we transition into a new year, I encourage you to take a moment to look back on your accomplishments of 2016.  Even if you didn’t hit all of your goals, it’s important to honor and give gratitude to what you DID accomplish.  In my family we have Read More

How to Create a Meaningful 2017

creating goals for 2017

Today I’m sharing with you a beautiful New Year Ritual for creating a meaningful new year.  Step One:  Celebrate Your Year So often we skip over the most important part of goal setting, which is CELEBRATING!  You can’t craft an amazing year unless you first learn from the previous year, the good and the bad Read More

The Secret Ingredient to Success According to Harvard

successful habits

Ho, ho, ho!  Christmas is almost here. My weekends have been jam packed with holiday planning, shopping and parties… how about you?  Are you in full on holiday mode?  We don’t have kids yet and I’m wondering how on earth people with kids get it all done!  In addition to all of the holiday festivities Read More

Email Marketing Strategies for Travel Agents

email tips for travel agents

I’ve got two easy email marketing tips for you that you can implement right now that will make a BIG difference in the results you get from the email newsletters and promotions you send out. 1.1. Craft each email as if you are talking to ONE person.  This instantly makes your emails more personal.  Never Read More

The Best Marketing Advice for Travel Agents

marketing advice for travel agents

There is a big marketing mistake that many small-business owners make this time of year and it can have a BIG effect on your revenue, bigger than you may realize. In the last week, I’ve personally seen over a dozen people make this big marketing mistake, so I’m going to address it today and tell Read More

Something Wildly Successful Travel Agents Do

planner for travel agents

Almost all wildly successful travel agents have at least one thing in common, and that one thing is that they set goals, write them down, and focus on achieving them. This might sound like a small thing, but it's not. It's actually a REALLY big thing. In a study conducted by Harvard, graduate students were Read More